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[Updates] Maintenance Change Logs

Hey there!

It's been a long maintenace, but definitely worth it, continue reading so you can agree with us. smiley

What's been fixed?

>  Fixed Diamonds Shop time-out issue.

>  Fixed an issue that would cause the player to lose Diamonds when binding Diamonds into account - this won't ever happen again!

>  Fixed a critical bug that would cause the server to fully crash (even the website) until a GM fixes it, this issue have happened 3x in the last few days.

>  Fixed an issue that would cause the Mazes Rewarder to give "1 player reward" to the 4 players inside (if there was exactly 4 players alive).

>  Fixed an issue that would cause Ultimate Raid to notify that there's already a party inside when there's nobody inside.

Black Dragon Dungeon Changes/Fixes:

>  Added extra NPCs to F3 in case the counter is faulty.

>  Fixed an issue that the prisoners wouldn't show up if a party has just finished the map (wouldn't show to the second party).

>  Fixed an issue that would cause the portal in F2 to be the same as the previous party's (if any parties have done it).

>  Fixed an issue that would cause some timers to show negative values instead of the correct one, such as Black Dragon Dungeon time additioner.

>  Fixed an issue that if a player was jailed and another team mate finds the correct portal, the jailed player would get teleported to the next floor, but would get teleported back to jail when the timer runs out.


>  Black Dragon Dungeon and Ultimate Raid now tells the party which member has already entered if someone have already entered.

>  Increased the drop rate of all Rebirth Chests and UPO Thundoria Chests to 100%.

>  Increased the drop chance of Ultimate Chest 1 and Ultimate Chest 2 to 75% each item.

>  Added 75% chance of dropping Ja Runestones to "Imaginary Snow Doll".

>  Added "Expert Chaos Voucher" to Chaos Chest.

>  Updated the currently active events message.

>  Added "Voodo Puppet" back to Mall NPC.

>  Sealed Shield of Eternity Fragment is now stackable.

>  Azrael and Great Gem Pack can now be used from the skill bar.

>  Hell Sky's items drop rate is now 100%.

>  Removed the "getuserconnection" and "getusernum+" player commands.

>  Fixed an issue that would cause Little Dragon to not level up (when bought from Diamonds Shop).

>  Increased the chat's limit of characters from 64 to 128.

That's it for this maintenance! It was focused in fixing critical issues.

Posted on 09-10-2017 by Faller.  

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